Third time’s a charm…

March 3rd, 2010

We traveled to Orlando, Florida this week for the UCF Challenge at RedTail Golf Club.  It was a beautiful course that offered both risks and rewards. But before we would compete on the course, I had a little surprise for the girls.  We flew out on Saturday and made a quick stop at Walt Disney World’s Universal Studios for a little fun.  One of the things we incorporate into our team is the notion of “having fun at doing what you love to do”.

We got off to a good start in the first round.  Julia’s 65 was one the best round I have seen by a collegiate golfer.  That was paired with Z’s (Sarah Zwartynski) 2 under par round of 70. In the second round we didn’t fare as well as one of our freshmen, Sarah Beth, had to sit out to rest her shoulder for Tuesday’s round.  But we regrouped and came up with a game plan for the final round.

Thunderstorms rolled in early on Tuesday morning and left everyone wondering if we were going to play.   Most teams were hoping they didn’t have to play, but the Aggies were ready.  My girls wanted to play; they wanted their chance at the title.  We finally got started just after 9 o’clock and we came out on fire.  The conditions were tough, but we were tougher.  At times the winds gusted up to 25+ mph.  The perseverance that the girls showed in these conditions was awesome.  We were the only team to break 300 in the final round and had the only two players to finish under par for the tournament.

I’m so proud of these girls and what they have accomplished already this year.  We are looking forward to the rest of the season and continuing to do great things.

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