Back in the saddle again…

February 24th, 2010

Well, we just got back from our first competition of the spring.  Sunny Florida lived up to its name with beautiful weather, a great golf course and a very promising season for the Aggies.  We finished in a tie for 5th with LSU and Ohio State.  In our first round we were able to do a lot of good things and saw some of our hard work from the off season really pay off.  In the second 18 of the day, we were playing well until our last few holes.  I think a little fatigue set in and we lost our focus a bit.  The third and final round on Tuesday was one of resurgence for us.  We were rested and ready to take on the day.

The Central District Challenge is a wonderful event that the girls really look forward to going to every year.  We stay with host families and boy do they feed us well.  They all live in the River Wilderness community and welcome us with open arms each and every time we visit.  It is so amazing to see a community come together and really get behind this event.  The impact that they have on our teams is wonderful.

Food, food, and more food….. Boy do they feed us good down there.  On Monday night after the 36 hole day, we went over to the Bowen’s house for steak and lasagna; we had enough food for the entire Aggie football team.  They made sure that we had plenty of bananas and granola bars each day too.  That was after they fed us a hearty breakfast.  We were also lucky enough to get to stay with the Ladies Club Champion this year so we got to park in her parking spot right next to the clubhouse, thanks Barbara!

Our next event will be in Orlando at the UCF Challenge.  I look for us to have our tools and skills sharpened and ready for this event.  We will travel with 6 to this event as we will have the 5 playing for the team and one individual spot.  I’m excited to get more players in competition so that we are ready for the post season.

This is my first blog on our webpage. I hope that you have enjoyed getting the inside scoop on your Fightin’ Texas Aggie Women’s Golf Team.  I look forward to keeping you all updated as our season progresses!  Thanks for reading…………..


Coach McCombs

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