Kristi and Aggies reach out to Southwood Valley Elementary

September 28th, 2012

Today a few of my teammates and I as well as the men’s basketball team attended Southwood Valley Elementary school for their annual fall festival. Representing our team were captains Kelsey Bone and Adrienne Pratcher, freshman Jordan Jones and College Stations own Karla Gilbert, and me of course! To kick the event off our very own hall of famer, Coach Blair gave the kids a pep talk! Being the walking billboard that he is, he encouraged the kids to have their parents get them season tickets and to come out and enjoy our games this year! Once Coach Blair was done it was time for us to introduce ourselves! That went well we are all pros at that now! Four stations were created so that we could give the kids pointer! The stations were passing, shooting, ball handling, and defense. All the key essentials to the game we love and play. The kids were broken up into four groups we rotated them every five minutes so that everyone could learn something new. 

All night long there had been some rumblings about a faculty vs. Aggie game. Once we finished our clinic the floor was cleared and it was time to gear up for the main attraction. Representing the Aggies were men’s coaches Cyphrien, Hatch, and Gentry. As well former Aggie Great Dominique Kirk, along with two of the men’s managers. All was well then the faculty team appeared! Fourteen women came running out ready to play! The gym erupted in laughter! A good old fashion guys vs. girls game! The game started and the ladies hit the first two shots the gym went nuts! The guys being guys, started to pick it up a notch! There was no official score for the game but the guys were up by about eight at halftime! Did I mention Coach Blair was our in game commentator? A show of its own! At halftime Coach Blair talked about how the school’s principal came to him for help with getting their gym a wood floor. He then revealed that the Gary Blair Charities would be donating five thousand dollars to the school to help them get their new floor. A few minutes later the men’s coaches decided to match Coach Blair’s donation!!!

Tonight showed how real and true the Aggie spirit really is! Seeing Aggies handle this situation without a second thought was simply amazing! This was a great event and we loved being around the children and spending this time with them. Tonight the saying “It’s a great day to be an Aggie” was taken to a whole new level!