A Freshman Update from Peyton Little

September 26th, 2012

Making the adjustments of being a freshman academically, athletically, and socially has been both positive and negative so far. Academically has probably been the hardest adjustment for me. This being because of the amount of work college takes compared to what I was used to in high school and the level of intensity level the work has to be done at. Also, it becomes especially challenging when we begin our 5:30 am conditioning and then having to head straight to an 8 am class and still manage to take notes and be a good student. I know this is going to be a great life lesson for me! Making the adjustment athletically has come a little easier than academically, taking into consideration I came to Texas A&M to play basketball which is something I feel more comfortable doing. However, the level of play transitioning from high school to college is a lot more intense. Every single person on the team were great players coming out of high school so putting us all on the same team, competing against each other, is a lot more challenging but fun at the same time. Socially has definitely been the easiest out of all 3 because I love meeting new people and enjoy having many friends. It can also be an adjustment though, in that you are having to make new friends and start over in a way. Overall the adjustments of being a freshman has been hard but fun at the same time, and I am super excited to progress in the year and get ready for a great season!