Aggie Paint Ball Wars: Jordan Jones Version

September 25th, 2012

Playing paintball with my teammates was the absolute most fun I’ve experienced as an Aggie by far. I am so competitive so I surrounded myself with the best. My favorite teammate was Courtney Walker. We do not play around when it comes to getting shot by paintballs! We were NOT going to loose! LOL!!!  We stayed by each other most of the time. I covered her, she covered me and we had Karla on our team. Our sorry opponents were Erich, Coach Wright, Chelsea and a couple of managers. At the start, I told Coach Wright I was coming for her and sure enough I got her LOL!!  – even though she got me back a couple of times. Erich stood no chance against me and Ceewalk’s tag team. I was a little bitter because we lost twice.  Than again I was happy because I made the managers surrender and got Coach Wright out! It was so funny because I had cornered Chelsea and made her use all her bullets – than she tried to run and hit her leg on the house. I was rolling! Then I had to come back to reality because I was being shot at. The next time we go my team will not loose. Maybe Coach Blair and Coach Starkey will get out there!  That would be the funniest sight to see ever!