Aggies in Pisa and Florence

August 21st, 2012

Howdy! Yesterday was a great day for the Aggies traveling to Florence, Italy. We traveled from Rome to Florence and made a couple of stops on the way. We stopped in Pisa to see The Leaning Tower. That was quite a sight! Some of us were able to walk to the top of the tower and look down from above, but some were too afraid.

Overall, the day was a good day. We were able to get some rest on the bus traveling to Florence and rest our bodies for today’s game. Hopefully, we as a team learned enough from our first game and continue to take care of business like we did tonight from here on out.

So far the Aggies are enjoying this trip to Italy. It is a great time to learn, grow and develop as a team.

As one of the team captains this season, I would like to personally thank everyone for reading my post and for following our team blog in Italy and later through the entire 2012-13 season.

Photos from Pisa and our trip to Florence can be viewed at

For a recap and photo gallery of our second game vs. All-Star Italy visit YouTube Preview ImageYouTube Preview ImageYouTube Preview Image