Done With School, But Not With Softball!

May 10th, 2012

Finals are over and you know what that means: GRADUATION! After four years of studying and long nights spent at the library, I have a bachelor of business administration in marketing from the Mays Business School and a career waiting for me after myself and my teammates take care of some unfinished business.  For me, academics have allows been of upmost importance, knowing that unfortunately I can’t dive for softballs in centerfield the rest of my life.  I am extremely excited about the next chapter in my life, BUT that chapter doesn’t start until we experience the thrill of the Women’s College World Series, competing against the best, for a chance to do what most only dream of. WHOOOP!

Right now we are currently in Boise, Idaho. This place is gorgeous.  Our hotel backs up to a river with trails they call the Greenbelt.  I’ve never seen this part of the country. Me, Red (Brittany Clopton), and Linds (Lindsey Sisk) are hoping to find some fishing poles and see if we can catch some fish in our off-time.  I’ll let you know how that goes.  The river is at a record high and moving very quickly.  Red mentioned shipping the fish that we catch back home in dry ice or something (HAHA!), so Mr. Clopton be ready, you never know. =) 

Last night we had the chance to eat dinner with a group of Aggies up here in Boise.  Aggies are everywhere!! Just proving how vast the Aggie Network is and that you have a helping hand anywhere in world if you need it.  At our table we had the chance to talk with Pete, class of 55’, a beet farmer.  He was initially from California but made a life-changing decision to come to Texas A&M and be a part of our world-famous Aggie band.  In such a short time he was able to impact me.  Pete truly embodies everything an Aggie stands for.  The team loved the event and we’d like to thank you again for the great dinner and for telling your stories. 

Last weekend was Senior Day.  I never thought this day would come.  Thank you, Coach Evans, for what you said on the field about each senior and our families.  It really shows how much our team is like a family.  One of the funniest parts of the day was seeing a video that the freshmen made.  They “acted” like the three of us seniors, pointing out funny characteristics about each of us.  Red was overly-positive while sporting my new cleats as she pranced out on the field pretending to be me.  Sarah sported a bun on top of her head, a visor, and was making some All-American plays out on second as she made a fantastic attempt at impersonating Nat (Natalie Villarreal).  And LT (Lauren Tamayo) did her best catwalk out to the mound shaking those hips and showing attitude as Lindsey.  Our whole team rolled with laughter.  Man, I’m going to miss those girls!!!

Well, we’ve got a game soon and I need to get my game face on, so wish us luck! =)

Happy graduation and congrats to my fellow seniors, Nat and Linds! We made it!

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