A Final Farewell

May 27th, 2010

First of all, I just wanted to say that writing this blog for the last time is really hard to do. I was not expecting to write the “farewell” blog for a few weeks, but sometimes you just have to roll with the punches. Ending something you have been doing since you were eight is emotional to say the least, but looking back on all the amazing times and all the friends and family I have met along the way, this has been beyond a doubt the experience of a lifetime!

Last week we came out to practice on all cylinders and were so excited about playing in our regional. We knew it was going to be a great, tough regional and that we would have to play solid to win. After two good days of practice, we were already back on a charter bus, this time it was headed for Baton Rouge, instead of Oklahoma. We got into Baton Rouge Wednesday night, ate dinner and then went to sleep because we had practice the next morning 

I’ve heard many quotes and sayings over the years, but one that is always in the back of my head is one that my boyfriend told me about putting your “sweat in the bucket.” My boyfriend, Keith Stein, played three years under Coach Mark Johnson, one year at A&M and two years at Sam Houston. During that time, Coach Johnson told the boys that at the end of the practice, everyone should be able to wring out their sweat into a bucket and everyone should have the same amount of sweat. If only a couple of guys are working and sweating hard, then the bucket won’t get filled, but if the entire team is playing hard, then the bucket will be filled.  This quote was definitely true in Baton Rouge thanks to the heat and humidity. After our practice on LSU’s field, our team definitely put in the hard work and effort, and we could have definitely filled that bucket up!!

We got back to the hotel, took showers and then all went out to eat at Mike Anderson’s Seafood restaurant. The food was great, but when it came time for desserts, I was a little on the bitter side. During trips, and during the entire season for that matter, we are all expected to eat to fuel our bodies the right way. When we go out to eat, we can only order water to drink (we have Crystal Light packets if we get sick of water) and there are absolutely no desserts. Well, this trip was different. During intersquad scrimmages the week before, in the bottom of the seventh inning Coach yelled out, “Oh, by the way, the winner of this game gets dessert on one of our away trips.” Well if you know our team, Coach might as well have said she would buy us all a new car, because as soon as she said that it was on! The home team, not my team, was behind in the bottom of the seventh when Coach said this, and ended up winning the game thanks to a Mel Dumezich walk off home run! I was really mad at the time, but I did, in fact, laugh when Mel rounded first with two hands in the air, holding up the “#1” sign and chanting “Dessert, dessert, dessert.”  Anyways, needless to say, that even though our team has won four out of six, the other team won when it really mattered and got to eat dessert at Mike Anderson’s.

After dinner, we went back to the hotel and waited until the next day when we could start playing. We definitely did not play our best on Friday, but came out with two huge wins on Saturday to ensure us a spot playing on championship Sunday. We fought hard, but ULL had the timely hits when we didn’t.  After the game, Coach talked to us and then the seniors left our cleats on home plate. This is another Aggie tradition that I love. After their last game, the seniors leave their cleats at home plate wherever you are playing. Our goal this year was to leave our cleats in Oklahoma City, but we ended up leaving them in Baton Rouge.

Speaking of my fellow seniors, I couldn’t finish the blog without writing about the two people who I know the most. These two girls have been through so much with me. All the good times, like going to the World Series and all our accomplishments on the field, to moving into our house where they taught me how to cook, as well as all the bad times like having to walk to the dorms after getting back at 2 a.m. and then going to 8 a.m. classes, to Alex slipping and busting it when the roads were frozen over, will forever be in my heart. Here are a few words about the rest of the softball team, last but definitely not least, the seniors!

First there is Macie Morrow (aka Mace in your Face, Macer or Macer the Eraser). Before I start out anything, if you don’t personally know Alex and Macie, you might not know that for the last four years, these two have pretty much been inseparable. They are in the same major, have the same class schedule and since we live together, there is hardly time for them to be apart. Cooking, shows and shorts are just a couple of words that let you see a little more about Mace. Macie (not to be confused with Marcie…on every order of food this year they put Marcie instead of Macie) loves to cook and try new things. I think my recent favorite dish Macie made me try was Couscous and now I love it! Macie also loves her television shows. Mondays are filled with One Tree Hill, The Hills and the Bachelorette and Tuesdays are Biggest Loser.  Another thing Macie is also known for is her short shorts. In fact, Ray, our strength and conditioning coach, was so tired of Macie wearing short shorts to workout, she made her wear Capri sweat pants that have never been washed. Macie was not too happy about it then, but now we can laugh at it. Macie always knows how to have a good time and I’m so lucky to have spent the last for years with her!

Alex Reynolds (aka Al or Alejandra) is definitely one of those players you love to have on your team, and if she wasn’t on my team, I definitely would be scared of her. She is the most competitive person on the field and just one of those people you want with you when the going gets tough. One thing about Alex is she can never be last. Whether it is in line for food, in line for the restroom, or in line for a drill, Alex is always one of the first ones. She is also the worlds earliest “Shotgun” caller! For four years, I might have sat in the front seat twice because Alex calls shotgun before we have even payed the bill at the restaurant! Seriously, who does that!? Anyways, back on track, Alex loves to make people laugh with all her funny faces and voices. Two things that I always think about when I want to laugh out loud are when Alex tripped doing tall shuffles before practice and when she yelled “GOING” when no one was going. Last year, we were both in the dugout during the Texas game and it is always the dugout’s job to watch the runner and let the catcher know if she is stealing. Well Alex thought the girl was going and yelled it at the top of her lungs. Turns out she was wrong and once she realized it she ducked down so nobody could see who did it. Too bad for her our video guy got the whole thing on tape!

I’m going to miss these girls so much not only on the field playing with them, day in and day out, but also living with them and sharing so many good times together! 

So now I guess it’s time to say goodbye. I want to say thank you for reading the blog every week and keeping up with Aggie softball. It has truly been an honor to have the opportunity to write the blog and play for this amazing university. As a senior I really and truly could not have asked for a better team to play with, a better coaching staff to play under and especially, I couldn’t have asked for better fans to play for. Just like the saying goes, “From the outside looking in you can’t understand it and from the inside looking out, you can’t explain it.”

Thanks and Gig’em!

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