May 12th, 2010

I’m finally done! Well with this semester that is. I took my last final today and what a good feeling it is. Although school is done, in my mind, softball is just starting up!

Last weekend was a short and sweet! Due to everyone’s finals, we left College Station around 3 p.m. and finally got into Stillwater late that night. As the bus pulled into the hotel, Coach informed us that since there was a chance of rain on Sunday, we would be playing a doubleheader on Saturday and to get some good rest for the games! She didn’t even have to tell me twice to get good sleep, because as soon as we got into our rooms, Al and I passed out! We woke up the next morning so fired up about the two games, although all we were really thinking about was winning that first game. We went down to eat breakfast, showered, got ready, watched some of the Washington vs. Stanford game and then we were off.

 Determination. I felt like as soon as I stepped on the bus to go to the fields, I felt that we were determined and that we wanted those two wins more than anything else in the world. Needless to say, we ended up sweeping Oklahoma State on their home field, on senior day and I loved it! Although we were in Stillwater, the Ags still had a lot of fans in the stands. My Aunt Betty, Aunt Lorrie, and Grandma came from Wichita Falls to come watch us play. It was so good to see them and wish them a Happy Mother’s Day, but soon after the hugs, the team was headed straight back to College Station.

Our bus trips include a lot of jokes, people on iPods and definitely a lot of movies. It is really hard to get movies that the entire bus agrees on, but we watched every genre on the bus ride there and back. Our selection included Avatar, It’s Complicated, Face-Off, Awake, Lion King and the Burning Desire. I have to elaborate on the last one, because it really hit home. If you haven’t heard of this movie, it is a documentary about the 1999 Texas A&M vs. Texas football game. This year was unlike any other because it was the year that will always be remembered in Aggie history as the year that the bonfire fell. During the other movies, you can hear people talking amongst themselves, but not this one. At one point, when they talked about the fallen and how people left their Aggie rings at the stack, I had tears rolling down my eyes and I looked back and at least two other people were in my same boat. The movie was sad, but I feel like it was good for our team to watch together. Sometimes you take for granted everything that we have and that movie made me realize how lucky we are to play for such a cohesive and caring University who treats everyone like family.

When we got home, it was time to get some good rest in order to start studying for those finals on Sunday. Sunday was also a very special day for our mother’s! I just wanted to give a quick shout out to every one of y’all, especially my amazing mother! Thank you so much for everything you have done for me!

This week, Coach gave us Sunday and Monday off in order to focus on school. I’ve been asked before what my favorite day of the year is. Although I love my birthday, Christmas and Thanksgiving, I would have to say that another one of my favorite days of the year is when I’m done with finals for the spring. Just think about it, no more school, its summer time and post season is starting up. This is what our team has worked for since August and it is finally here! This week we have our sights set on winning the Big 12 Tournament. This is the last year they are having a Big 12 Tournament, so why not make the best of it? We will be leaving at 12:30 on Thursday and drive to Oklahoma City. OKC here we come!

Drum roll please, as I promised, I’m going to tell y’all a little more about this year’s sophomore class! Sophomore year is a weird year because you are not the freshmen, yet you still aren’t an upper classman. On most teams I’ve played on, the sophomores kind of hang low….not this class! The sophomores, consisting of Eden Morris, Becca Arbino and Kelsea Orsak, definitely stand out.

First there is Eden Morris. Eden has a lot of roles on our team that many people might not know about. She is our “yell leader”, preacher, mother, nutritionist, speed jump roper and a great friend. The first time I met Eden, she was on her recruiting visit. It can be intimidating for a small town girl from Georgia to step onto a huge college campus, but Eden had no fear. I enjoyed meeting her mom and dad and I knew I was going to like Eden when she asked if she could meet Reveille on her visit. Did I also mention she is a twin? Just kidding but we always joke with her because she and her brother look so much alike! I’m going to miss you Eden!

Another one of the sophomores is Becca Arbino (aka Bec). She is one of the crazy ones on the team. If you ever need to know any random fact or anything about anything, Becca is your girl. For example, if you need to know how to do first aid, Becca is the one to call. If you need to know how to cook a recipe, Becca is the one. If you aren’t sure about a question on your biology final, you guessed it, go to Becca. She knows everything! She is also a great singer. Last year, the Student Athlete Advisory Committee hosted the first annual athlete talent show. Every team had to have an act and Becca saved us from embarrassing ourselves by trying to do the Fosse video dance. Becca got up on stage and sang while playing the guitar. It was so good! I was shocked and I think the entire team was too! Becca is also known for, let’s just say, being a little clumsy.

The last, but definitely not least, is Kelsea Orsak (aka Puppy, KO, Kelso). She acquired the nickname puppy because, well, she is like a little puppy. Always hyper and just happy to alive, not to mention her feet and hands look like puppy paws. Kelsea is just one of those people that can walk into a room of strangers and come out with ten new friends. I feel so lucky to play in the outfield with her because no matter what is going on in my life; Kelsea will somehow find a way to make my day better. Her family is also so supportive of this team. I’m so fortunate to have met and gotten to know her parents, all her grandparents and her two awesome sisters! I feel like y’all have gotten a chance to get to know KO from all of the blogs this year since she has been the star of the bloopers, but KO is truly a great person with an amazing heart.

Blooper # 11: Question

Sorry again there is not a legit blooper, but I was thinking the other day and the team has talked about this many times, so I’m going to inform you about our dilemma. After practice, Becca, Macie, Savana Lloyd (played last year) and I cooked dinner and then watched the Biggest Loser.  Our team absolutely loves this show. It is very inspirational, yet whenever we watch it, we are always sitting on the coach eating our dinner and ice cream. It is funny because Kara mentioned the same problem earlier on in the year. Anyone see anything wrong with this picture? Just a though…

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