May 4th, 2010

For the record, let me just say that Kelsea’s pregame speeches took a tremendous turn for the better and were fantastic! After reading the blooper, she knew she had to step up her game in the “speech-giving” department. She rose to the occasion and so did the entire team this week against Baylor and Texas Tech.

On Wednesday, we came out with a chip on our shoulders ready to play the Baylor Bears. The last time we played Baylor, it was on their home field and we lost in extra innings. It was a great game from both teams, but we were definitely hungry for that win. Wednesday could possibly have been our last home game as seniors and it was definitely an unforgettable one. We beat the Bears 11-1 with the 12th Man behind us the entire way.

“In the game of softball, you must have a short memory.” Coach Evans has used this quote many times during my career and how very true it is! Whether you have a good at bat or a bad at bat, you must forget about it because the only thing that matters is the next one. The team took this to heart Thursday during practice. We knew we had just beat Baylor and we were very excited, but we had a short memory and knew that the only thing that mattered was Texas Tech, our next opponent. After a short and sweet practice, Friday was already here and we were boarding the plane for Lubbock. We swept Texas Tech this weekend with two quality, team wins and now have an entire week to gear up for Oklahoma State. We will leave Friday afternoon to drive to Stillwater and the only thing on our minds the entire six-hour drive will be the game on Saturday. In addition to the two huge games we have this weekend, we are also studying and preparing for finals. So if you could be so kind as to take a second out of your busy day, I would appreciate it if you said a little prayer for my teammates and I to do amazing on our finals! Thanks and Gig’ em.

In addition to the blooper, I’m going to highlight a class every week from here on out and let you know a little bit more about each person within that class. Today I have decided to go with the freshman class (it’s only natural to start from youngest to oldest). So here it goes…

I absolutely love every person in this freshman class. Not to say that I don’t love everyone on the team, but each freshman brings a different personality to this team. First there is Victoria Lehrmann (aka V). She is just flat out hilarious! When I first met her at the beginning of the year, she seemed so quiet and reserved, but once I got to know her, she is not so quiet after all! She is extremely clever and knows just the right witty response to everyone’s remarks. For example, one day Alex was jokingly making fun of V’s hair during workout and Victoria whipped around and shouted, ” You know Grandma (this is the nickname she gave Alex) I’ve decided you’re just my cross to bear!” I couldn’t stop laughing at this comment and quite frankly, I can’t stop laughing at everything that comes out of her mouth.

Another freshman that I couldn’t live without is Sydney Shannon (aka Syd or Syd the Kid). Literally, I can’t live without her. I say this because although she was supposed to live in the dorm, she was my next door neighbor for most of this semester. At the beginning of the semester, she thought it would be easier to live with KO, which made us neighbors. When she decided that she was going to go back to living in the dorms, I was really upset and sad about her leaving! If Syd isn’t playing softball or at the dorms, she is most likely eating sushi. I’ve never seen anyone who loves sushi more than that kid. She is also my YouTube partner in crime. Syd and Victoria both play right field with me, so we share many, and I mean many, great laughs.

The next freshman that cracks me up every day is Lauren Schwirtlich (aka Cuz or Shortlicker…the second one is just a joke because one of our announcers accidently called her that one day and it just kind of stuck). At the beginning of the year, Lauren was known for being a little spastic, but now she has settled in and is doing a great job for the team. I’m not saying she doesn’t still have her spurts of jitters and clumsiness, but that is what makes her Lauren. Her locker is right next to mine, so personally, I don’t know what I would do without her. She is always keeping me in check, making sure I shine my cleats and wear the right practice shirt.

We now turn the spotlight to BIG D (aka Mel Dumezich). Mel is definitely the ping pong champ of the team; I think it might be because of her huge hands she uses to swallow the paddle. If you ever want to get to know someone better, just play catch phrase! This is the trick we used for Mel. At the beginning of the year, Mel was really shy around the team. We played a game of catch phrase with some recruits and Mel’s shyness was no more. I remember it like it was yesterday. Her word was “Tough Cookie” and she was shouting, and I mean shouting, out different clues to get everyone to guess. They were good clues, but no one could say anything because we were too busy laughing at her faces and accent. Mel is just one of those people that has such a good heart and who has so much pure talent, which she magnifies by working hard at what she does.

The last freshman, who definitely doesn’t play like a freshman, is Meagan May. Meagan is also one of those people who you love to be around. She is extremely smart and I’m telling you, she is an amazing drawer. I was looking through her pictures one day on Facebook and I saw a painting and asked her what it was. She showed me the real picture and the one that she painted and I was amazed. Meagan is going to do great things here at A&M and next time you see her ask her about midnight yell!

Blooper #10: Syd the Kid and the Heimlich maneuver
I was told this story by another source and I thought it had to be a blooper. After playing Missouri on ESPN, some of the girls went over to Andrea’s to watch the recording of the game. In the middle of the game, the announcers were talking about the Big 12 rankings and it had Texas as number one and their record, at the time, of 11-1. This is when Sydney looked up with a confused response of “Who did Texas lose to?” For those of you who were there, which Syd obviously wasn’t, we, Texas A&M, beat Texas on our home field. ‘Atta girl, Syd.

Y’all are in for a treat today, because there is another Orsak blooper. In order to relax and have fun, the outfielders do some football plays before we run out to our positions. Sometimes KO might just “hike” our gloves to us, or sometimes we set up routes to take a pass. This particular time, KO shouted to Kelsey Spittler, “Do the Heimlich maneuver and then cross!” Spitt was really confused and then realized that she meant to say “Do the Heisman and then cross!” That one definitely kept the outties loose and having fun!

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