Ames, Iowa

April 20th, 2010

I’d have to say it was a good week Ags! We won our game on Wednesday against Sam Houston and then swept Iowa State on the road this past weekend. They weren’t the prettiest wins, but needless to say this team has a lot of fight and will do anything in our power to get that “W”. 

After beating Sam Houston, we knew that we had to come out to practice on Thursday ready to work. Like I said before, every team in the Big 12 is going to be good and no one is going to back down and “give” a win away. We knew Iowa State was going to be no different. We left Friday morning at 11 a.m. with winning two games on our mind. Before we left, we had to take care of some academic business first. To me, this is the busiest time of the year. With practice, games, the last round of tests and final exams creeping up on you, we also have to get things in order for next year. All athletes had early registration on Thursday before we left. This is an amazing benefit that athletes receive. Call me crazy, but I always love registering for next year’s classes. This year’s registration, more than last, has motivated me like no other! My roommates had the luxury of not registering because they will be graduating in May, but I’ll be taking a semester longer and graduating in December of 2010. You wouldn’t think that registering would be that difficult, but having to find the right classes that don’t interfere with conditioning/practice times can be stressful. Most of us wouldn’t be able to get through our lives without Mindy Phillips, our athletic academic advisor.

Sometimes I wonder what goes through Mindy’s mind when she has about six student-athletes (she also has baseball and volleyball) in her office stressed out and frustrated with their schedule. Mindy works wonders as an academic advisor and just someone to talk to if you are having a bad day. I speak for the whole team, as well as myself, when I say that Mindy’s patience, knowledge and personality have saved me, literally, from going over the edge! J She also expects the most out of us. Every month we are required to go to office hours with all of our professors to get an academic report signed. Most people think it is just another thing to put on our hefty “to-do” lists, but with this, I have really gotten the chance to get to know all of my professors. Also, my professors have gotten to know me, which helps out a lot in the long run.  I just want to tell Mindy thanks for all the hours she has put into our success off the field , thanks for being there for each and every one of us and just thanks for all that you do. I guess being a senior has made me think about how much I’m going to miss people like Mindy. They always say that you get emotional with age, so enough with the mushy stuff, back to some softball.

Like I said, we left for Iowa at 11 a.m. on Friday morning. We were able to watch “Angels in the Outfield” on the bus ride to Houston. That movie always reminds me of being a kid. I absolutely loved that movie when I was little and watching it now makes me love it that much more! I guess you could say I really took that movie to heart when I was little because I always looked for angels swooping down to help someone on the field. You never know, “it could happen!”

We got to Iowa and ate at P.F. Chang’s and then went to the hotel. We went to bed and woke up ready to play. After some late inning heroics by Meagan May, we squeaked out our first win, but knew we could definitely play better on Sunday. When we got back to the hotel Saturday night, we kept up with the baseball team’s game against Texas and then headed to bed. The next day we came out fired up and had a great victory to finish out the series. Speaking of playing Texas, we are finishing out our series with the Longhorns in Austin on Wednesday. Hope to see as many of you that can possibly make it out to Austin! It is going to be a great game and we are already gearing up for it!

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