Rich in Tradition

April 1st, 2010


One thing that I love about being an Aggie is the fact that one can say “Howdy” to a complete stranger and not feel embarrassed. Monday morning Becca and I talked to second graders from Hearne and Snook about bicycle helmet safety. We incorporated how important it is to wear helmets in our sport and talked about how it was the same as if you were riding a bike. At the end of the presentation, we gave each second grader a helmet so they had no excuse not to practice helmet safety. I tell you this only because those kids absolutely loved the “Howdy” tradition and boy could they scream it! They were a little shy at first, but once they warmed up, there was no stopping them. Gotta love all the Aggie Traditions! :)

Speaking of Aggie Traditions, many of you know there are more traditions at Texas A&M than I could possibly write about, but I’m going to let you in on some inside traditions of our own. Coach Evans loves the traditions that this school stands for and expects that each of us lives by them also. Our team is rich in our own tradition and also that of the school. I love the fact that Coach Evans expects her athletes to be a part of the student body and Aggie family. I guess people could say that some athletes get a bad reputation for not getting involved in traditions, and events with the entire student body, but that is not the case with our team. We go to Muster as a team, and my freshman year, when we were on the road, we had our own Muster as a team with other Aggie Alum.

Another tradition that I hated when I was a freshman, but love it now that I’m older is the freshmen yells. As a freshman, each one of us is required to learn and appreciate the Aggie War Hymn and the Spirit of Aggieland. On the Friday of the first week of team practice in the fall, all the freshman have to get in front of the team and sing the War Hymn and the Spirit of Aggieland. This is not to embarrass or pick on anyone, its purpose is to make the entire incoming class (freshman and transfers) learn both songs that are so important to the University. Our class had to learn the hard way that this is no joking matter. When we were freshman, we all knew the songs, but we started laughing and messed up on the songs. After we were done, Coach informed us that we needed to have better posture and take it more seriously. Needless to say, we had a five star performance the next Friday for sure!

Another one of the many traditions Aggie softball holds is our everyday routine. Every practice since Coach Evans has been at Texas A&M, they have ended practice the exact same way. Once the team is done cooling down (taking a lap and stretching), we give the staff high fives and then all meet back up at home plate. We finish in a circle around home, talk about business like lunch orders, uniforms, or anything that needs to be said, and then we finish with a yell. I mentioned this earlier in the blogs, but Eden tells us which yell we will be doing and then we yell the yell loud and proud!

Another tradition is the senior pass-downs. The team has several senior pass-downs including the “Yell Leader” which Holly Ridley recently passed down to Eden, the “good” stirrups that Jami Lobpries passed down to me, the person who whoops the longest in the circle which was passed down from Holly to Kelsey Spittler, the sweat pants that have never been washed (passed down to me from Jami) and the person who yells after someone gets on base (passed down to me from Lisa Gorzycki.) These are just a few of the many, but as you can see, we are rich in tradition! When a senior graduates, they will pass down something that they had to someone still on the team to keep the tradition going. I love playing for Texas A&M, because you know that what you are doing has been done by many amazing players in the past. In fact, in each one of our lockers, we have the names of the people who have worn our jersey.

Another tradition that I say we were very good at last weekend was the tradition of playing our best everyday! We swept Kansas in our Big 12 season opener and we can’t wait to get on the road this week. We play at Nebraska on Saturday so that we will have Easter Sunday to spend with family and friends.

Until next time…

Blooper #6: Meagan May

So being an outfielder I don’t get to see many of the little things that happen on the infield, but apparently the fans see a lot more than I do. I’ve been informed by more than one person that in between innings, Meagan May sways and dances to the music while catching the pitchers. I haven’t seen this, but knowing Meagan, this doesn’t surprise me one bit. So next time Meagan’s behind the plate check it out and let me know! Meagan is full of laughs so stay tuned for something even better than that.

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