TV Stars

October 21st, 2010

It is always funny to me when we play on TV. Usually the girls don’t really care too much about how they look in normal games, but if we are going to be on national television, the whole pregame process changes. While in Missouri it was quite a dilemma for everyone trying to share one small mirror. No braid seemed to be perfect or hand bands were never right in place, and of course everyone had to check each angle of their face/hair for perfection. It’s really funny actually because some girls will redo their hair at least five times, but it will look exactly the same each time. I must say I cannot pretend like I don’t do the same; I don’t know if my future husband is out there watching me! J Another problem with the TV game is we really have to watch what we say both on the field and on the sideline. Now I know that no one would think that we would ever say anything inappropriate! My favorite part actually though from the televised game is getting to re-watch it, and listen to the commentators. Personally, I am usually not a fan of many sports commentators. Tuesday after practice we watched the second half of the Mizzou game and couldn’t help but laugh at the comments. They were entertaining though and we couldn’t help but kid Raven and Merritt as they talked about Raven’s “hammer of a leg” and Merritt’s change in hair style. All in all, I am so pumped that we beat Mizzou on their home field on national television, making a big statement in the strides our team has made from the beginning of this season by being down a goal at two different times.


In the spirit of senior night, I would like to talk about the remaining senior, Whitney “Fastest Girl in the World” Hooper. I have had the privilege of playing with this girl well before we came to A&M and she has never changed. She is always the life of the party, pumping us up in the locker room with her amazing dance skills, providing a spark on the field with her lightning fast feet and balls skills, or just in general always being there when you need a good laugh. She might be one of the best story tellers I know, providing action, enthusiasm and perfect interpretations. She is also one of the biggest fisherwomen that I know. I know what you are thinking, and yes, she loves to fish more than Alyssa. She always claims that black people don’t like the water and/or swimming, but she will be the first one to go to Lake Somerville and catch some bass and turtles. She is one of the most full-of-life people I know and such a huge personality of our team.

Please come out this weekend as we play OU on Friday, SENIOR NIGHT, and then OSU on Sunday. Currently Big 12 standings are 1-OSU, 2-A&M and 3-OU, so these games are very important, and we will need all of the 12th Man behind us!


October 6th, 2010

 The great thing about playing away is we get to appreciate what an amazing thing the 12th Man is here at A&M. Every game we do a shake out earlier in the day to stretch and just get our legs underneath us, so we get some blood moving before the game. On away trips we always find unique places to do this, whether it’s in the hotel basement, the grounds of the country courthouse or on the Kansas campus. This past Friday we were going through our movements, and the stretch of grass we were using was immediately next to a college house full of KU students. As we were finishing up, they opened up their windows, blasted the KU fight song, leaned out the window and snickered. We all laughed, but we had something else in mind. It is tradition to practice the BTHO yell at the end of shakeout, so we inched slightly closer to the house and we all yelled, “Beat the Hell Outta ku!” They opened up the window and we all just laughed. Needless to say, we sure proved our word that evening as we literally BTHO Kansas! Whoop!


So this week I am going to highlight a couple more of my fellow seniors, Nicole and Shipley. These two girls are some of the most genuine and caring people I know. Always there to lend an ear, they can provide some of the most sound advice of anyone I know.

Nicole loves to bake. For every single person’s birthday, she either makes them her famous pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, or the amazing confetti cupcakes with a whole can of frosting to dip them in. She is also an avid salad lover. We always joke with her that every meal we have she always orders a chicken ceasar salad with dressing on the side. She is always right by my side though when it comes to the puppy chow before the game. She always picks out the double ones from the bunch, so if anyone finds them they give them to her.

Rachel is by far the nicest person I know. We always get a little shocked when she tackles someone on the field because it is not in her nature to be mean. It is also really funny because she is one of the smartest, most studious girls on the team, but sometimes I feel like she could have supplied some of the quotes for last year’s Freshman Words of Wisdom. She always has her camera with her, snapping shots before the game, on every away trip and in the locker room. I always call her my BFF (Best Fat Friend) because since our freshman year, we have always eaten sweets like no other.

I absolutely love these girls and am so happy I have them in my life.

It’s time to BTHO these other Texas team this week! We are finally home for two games so I hope to see everyone there!!!



Up in the Air

October 1st, 2010

We have been doing a ton of traveling lately, in fact we have been on the move for four straight weekends. It is in these instances that each personality on our team really comes out, and we really get to learn about each other. We have those that are constantly studying, the ones who like to cause ruckus, and then those that use the weekend as a short vacation and veg in the comfy beds and enjoy the wide variety of movies on HBO. This past weekend while in Nebraska, it was in such an instance that those who like to run around and cause chaos have now been termed “The Play Pen” by Amber. This wryly crew includes Gigi, Chels, Sis, Sarah, Rachel Lenz and Canada. The “fishmores” tend to run around in a pack, constantly visiting each and every room, searching for Amber (their babysitter), as well as have small wrestling matches. Since this weekend I am rooming with one of the ringleaders, we shall see how much studying I get done. I have already threatened to keep Gigi out of the loop on the room number until absolutely necessary, as well steal her phone so she can’t text them our secret location!


So Phil has a habit of always telling each player what her future will hold, so at the airport he decided to explain to some of us what kind of mothers we are going to be. He told Kristin that she is going to be the active, crazy mother who has her children doing long-distance bike races and cross country skiing escapades. For me, I was told my children would all be very logical, finding the flaws in other’s arguments or the orders given to them. He told Merritt that her children would be little Gap babies, but I know they will be more like the child models for Nieman Marcus and Nordstrom’s. As far as Raven is concerned, Phil claimed that she will be very strict and stern as a parent, and that she will become the complete opposite of what she is now when it comes to warming up and stretching. :)

It’s time today to BTHO the Jayhawks!!!  WHOOP!



BTHO Big 12

September 22nd, 2010

Whoop! Finally we get to start Big 12 play!!!! This weekend is going to be crazy and exciting with our first Big 12 game at home Friday night against Colorado. Then we go on the road against Nebraska on Sunday. It’s bittersweet that it is already this time of the season, considering this will be my last chance to earn another Big 12 trophy. I think we are physically and mentally prepared for this weekend and this is exactly what we work so hard for in the spring, summer and so far this fall!!

Aggie 411:

Since it is “Colorado” week I have decided to talk a bit about the Coloradans on the team. Yes, the ones who aren’t big fans of the Texas weather and have trouble adjusting to the altitude, the ones who daringly left their beloved state to move to the best one in this nation, and yes the ones who have learned that “ya’ll” is the greatest word ever invented!

Beth West is characteristically my equal on the team. Last preseason we had a session based on discovering your personality and leadership style and were given an animal to portray such results. We were both eagles, and we both felt that others were incompetent if they didn’t agree with our views. Together we might just take over the world! She is an absolute stud at making sushi and also painting your nails (no that wasn’t an Asian comment either). :)

Bri Young is definitely one that despises Texas weather. She was born to wear snow boots, scarves, and North Face® hoodies. I absolutely love her dry sarcasm and we both enjoy the times we can make fun of the “freshmen” without them having any idea we are doing so. We like to kid her about being the first to get married and have kids as soon as she graduates, but knowing her low level of tolerance for annoying people, I don’t know how she will handle a screaming toddler.

Kristin Arnold, another one of the grandmas on the team, is the most unique person I know. She recently became my roommate this year and there is never a dull moment with her. From inviting me to come clean pig pens at her job at the USDA, to getting Ben and Jerry’s at 11 o’clock at night, I can always count on her for some entertainment. She is also more competitive than I am at every single thing she does, especially on Wii games. She will be playing the computer in a boxing match and continuously scream at the imaginary player.

Hope to see everyone out there Friday night as we BTHO Colorado, back at home finally!!!!!!

Thanks and Gig’em,


Chicken Taco … Chicken Taco … Boom!

September 15th, 2010

My parents always tell me that we (the soccer players) are so spoiled, all the time. For the most part I would agree with that, especially when we have away weekends. Curt usually has everything planned to the tee when we travel. Itineraries are perfectly set, dinners, transportation and hotels always run as smooth as anyone could hope for. When we arrive at the airport our bus is always there, when we arrive at the hotel our rooms are always ready, and at dinner, the tables are already set. In the past three years that I have been here, there has never been a major issue or hiccup occur. Well I guess you could say our luck had run out this past weekend, or maybe, like we told Merritt, she brought along the bad luck. :)

Starting from our arrival in Indianapolis, the bus transportation was anything but smooth. We had all just assumed that we were in for a bumpy weekend due to all of the rough starting and stopping. Needless to say, many of us had a bit of motion sickness when we arrived at the hotel Thursday night. As we headed for Bloomington on Friday for the game, much to our dismay, we had to coast for a few miles because the engine took a break for a bit, but we finally got back on the road and made it in the nick of time for our warm-up.

After we beat the hell out of the Hoosiers, we hopped back on the bus for what would be a very long night. We were creeping along back to Indianapolis when the engine completely died on us. As a few cops passed by, chasing down speedsters, we were hoping they would supply us with some help, but we came to the conclusion that we might not make it back. Some of the girls were at the point of calling their parents to car pool us back to our hotel, when we were finally able to crawl into a gas station and wait for a replacement bus. At this point we were all a bit delirious and still ecstatic on our win so we were all pumped to get off the bus and buy ice cream and Icees in the store. Of course, Phil was the first in line for his drumstick!  :)   As we patiently waited, our 12-year-old inner children came out and decided to play a series of games ranging from Ninja, where you circle up and karate chop each other’s forearms, to “calling all vegetables”, a game where each person is a specific vegetable and you must call out one another but you can’t show your teeth the whole time, and then lastly to the infamous “Chicken Taco” game based on speed, memory and counting skills. No one walking up would have imagined that we were stranded due to the nonstop laughter and happiness we were all demonstrating. Honestly, when our new bus arrived, some of us were a bit bummed that we had to end game night early. So, yes Mom and Dad, we are definitely spoiled, but when times get rough, we don’t act like the prima donnas most would assume, we just roll with the flow!

The 411:

So this week I am going to spotlight our two players that may be some of my biggest inspirations as players and as people, Jen Kmezich and Shawn-tae Green. I chose to talk about them because this past weekend, being out of town, it was completely obvious that there was a huge hole in our team that these two have been a vital part of for the past two years. In ways that none of us will ever know, God has decided that he has a bigger plan for their lives than continuing to play soccer. Two of the most vivacious, friendliest and spontaneous people I have ever met, these two girls play such a huge role in the glue that holds this team together. Shawn-tae is always there whenever you need an ear to listen, a bobby pin to hold back the fly-aways or a tight braid for the game. Jen is an amazing guitar player and singer (although she doesn’t like people to know this), has a smile that will brighten your day, and an amazing creativity when it comes to coloring books. I miss these girls so much on the field and their inability to play fuels us all to play that much harder because we never know what day will be our last.

We travel to Portland on Friday to BTHO and then are back at home on Sunday for our last game before conference starts! See ya’ll soon!

Thanks and Gig’em,