Hello Blizzard!

November 12th, 2010

Hello Blizzard!

So we’re off to Minnesota this weekend for the 1st and 2nd rounds of the NCAA tournament. At first I was a little apprehensive about this considering this state is on the border of Canada! Trust me when I say everyone packed every pair of sweats, fur boots, parkas, and long johns they owned. It is definitely Texas coming to the cold. The problem is we all think we need to look a lot tougher when we show up to the field because the North Dakota State Bison already think that we can’t handle this weather! I say bring on the blizzard and eight inches of snow! We get snow in College Station every now and then- we know how to throw snowballs!


So this week I am going to spotlight two of the girls who may study more than any two people I know, Carly and Megan.

Megan is possibly one of the funniest people on our team. She has this unique humor, always ready with the one-liners when someone on the team makes a not-so-bright comment. She is also pretty close to a genius and is trying to get into the PPA program in the business school, which is the five-year accounting program, and is extremely difficult. The tough thing about Megs is she never does anything for us to make fun of her for, which on our team is very unusual. However, when she scored in the Cal game earlier this season, her grandpa made it known to us all that her nickname when she was younger was Poo…. haha, so yes we like to remind her of that every now and again :)

Carly is also one-of-a-kind. I love this girl. She has the most amazing left foot, and as Phil says, could probably open a can of peas with it! A really funny incident happened a few weeks ago when Carly’s mom was visiting on one of the away trips. Hooper, of course, is one that always comments on people’s clothes, or hair, or anything visual on a person. She told Carly that her mom had the cutest clothes, and Carly should follow in her mom’s footsteps. Haha of course Carly was not exactly excited about this, considering a 20-year-old doesn’t really want to wear Mom clothes this early. (Not that Mrs. Wohlers’ clothes aren’t actually really cute!)

Let’s Get it this weekend!!!! Rain, snow, sleet or hail!!! BTHO North Dakota State and hopefully round 2!!!

Gig em,


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