Big 12 Tournament

November 4th, 2010

Big 12 Tournament

We are back in San Antonio this week for the Big 12 tournament. This tournament is especially important because we have the opportunity to sweep both Big 12 championships this year! After last night’s game we are well on our way to make this dream a reality!!!

Each year there is the constant struggle over what movies to watch on the three-hour bus trip from College Station to San Antonio. Now of course a bus full of 26 girls + Phil would obviously seem like it would be easy to agree on a movie right? Ha…WRONG! We usually have to pick three and then have a vote. Of course someone always complains on the choice; you just can’t please everyone. The movie that gets me though is “Elf”. Not that I don’t love this movie, but I swear Halloween just ended and at least five girls are ready to pull out the Christmas movies.

And of course we could not go a week without playing Just Dance. Alyssa had packed up the Wii and remotes before she had even packed her suitcase. Tuesday night she had set the game up in the lobby of our hotel, and we are still trying to get a dance-off going between G and Phil. My bets are on Phil :) .

So this week I just have to bring out the Wise Words of Chelsea Jones because her profound statements were just too good to be true. Yesterday Canada (Cat Clavijo) and I were talking about how cold it gets in Canada before they have to go inside to practice during the winter. I was telling her how when I was younger I thought that they practiced in the snow and had to use bright colored balls so they could see it. Chelsea overheard and stated, “Oh, so that’s why they have the bright colored balls?” Canada looks at her and was like “Yea, haha, that’s why,” shaking her head. Chelsea says, “Oh that’s really cool!” Her other comment came in practice Sunday. We were playing small-sided games and G asked if we wanted to put “stakes” on the games. Chelsea looked at him and said, “Steaks?” Hahaha! G said, “Yes, Chelsea. If you lose you have to cook everyone steaks!” Wish that would have been the case!!

Can’t wait to BTHO OU tomorrow during the semis of the Big 12 Tournament!!!!

Thanks and Gig ‘em!!


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