Big 12 Champs!!!

October 28th, 2010

I forgot what it feels like to raise the Big 12 trophy on our home field…but I will never forget that feeling after this weekend! We have worked so hard all season for that moment, and that is a memory that will never be forgotten. I am especially excited for Alyssa because she was not a part of our class when we won in 2007.

Senior Night on Friday was also a very bittersweet moment for me. I always knew it was going to come, but when it finally arrived I wasn’t quite ready for it. Considering this team is the closest one I have ever been a part of, I am going to miss these girls so much. I guess it hadn’t really hit me until I was standing there with my parents, looking at the underclassmen in front of me, and I realized that I was almost done playing with this team. It’s exciting to know that the future holds new and exciting things, but it is also like a big part of life is just completely ending. I love this school, this program, and the people who have made this experience an amazing ride that I will never forget.


So my spotlight players this week are two of my favorite sophomores. They not only keep this team on their toes, but also bring major personality to the chemistry of this team.

Mary Grace is probably one of the players I have gotten to know the most this season considering we moved lockers right next to each other. I love her style, and will probably see her on New York Fashion Week in about five years. She also loves her Ugg boots. I swear she has a different color for every outfit, and she wears them all the time! She has the driest sense of humor, and I love it. I always love away trips with her because we get to play on her iPad!

It is really fun because when you see Mary, you always get her other half, Christina, or Geeg as we like to call her. I’m not actually sure how she came to have the nickname GiGi but like usual, it just stuck. Geeg loves movies. I swear she sees every single one that comes in theaters and she always has the critical breakdown of them. So if you ever need an opinion on a movie, ask her and she will tell you whether it’s worth it or not. She also claims that she is the supreme chef of our team. Although, considering she doesn’t even know how to pronounce Minestrone soup correctly, I have my doubts.

This Friday we travel to that weird city Austin to win another trophy in the Lone Star Showdown. Can’t wait to BTHO t.u. and win the Big 12 trophy outright. We aren’t going to share this one!

Gig ‘em,

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