TV Stars

October 21st, 2010

It is always funny to me when we play on TV. Usually the girls don’t really care too much about how they look in normal games, but if we are going to be on national television, the whole pregame process changes. While in Missouri it was quite a dilemma for everyone trying to share one small mirror. No braid seemed to be perfect or hand bands were never right in place, and of course everyone had to check each angle of their face/hair for perfection. It’s really funny actually because some girls will redo their hair at least five times, but it will look exactly the same each time. I must say I cannot pretend like I don’t do the same; I don’t know if my future husband is out there watching me! J Another problem with the TV game is we really have to watch what we say both on the field and on the sideline. Now I know that no one would think that we would ever say anything inappropriate! My favorite part actually though from the televised game is getting to re-watch it, and listen to the commentators. Personally, I am usually not a fan of many sports commentators. Tuesday after practice we watched the second half of the Mizzou game and couldn’t help but laugh at the comments. They were entertaining though and we couldn’t help but kid Raven and Merritt as they talked about Raven’s “hammer of a leg” and Merritt’s change in hair style. All in all, I am so pumped that we beat Mizzou on their home field on national television, making a big statement in the strides our team has made from the beginning of this season by being down a goal at two different times.


In the spirit of senior night, I would like to talk about the remaining senior, Whitney “Fastest Girl in the World” Hooper. I have had the privilege of playing with this girl well before we came to A&M and she has never changed. She is always the life of the party, pumping us up in the locker room with her amazing dance skills, providing a spark on the field with her lightning fast feet and balls skills, or just in general always being there when you need a good laugh. She might be one of the best story tellers I know, providing action, enthusiasm and perfect interpretations. She is also one of the biggest fisherwomen that I know. I know what you are thinking, and yes, she loves to fish more than Alyssa. She always claims that black people don’t like the water and/or swimming, but she will be the first one to go to Lake Somerville and catch some bass and turtles. She is one of the most full-of-life people I know and such a huge personality of our team.

Please come out this weekend as we play OU on Friday, SENIOR NIGHT, and then OSU on Sunday. Currently Big 12 standings are 1-OSU, 2-A&M and 3-OU, so these games are very important, and we will need all of the 12th Man behind us!

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