October 6th, 2010

 The great thing about playing away is we get to appreciate what an amazing thing the 12th Man is here at A&M. Every game we do a shake out earlier in the day to stretch and just get our legs underneath us, so we get some blood moving before the game. On away trips we always find unique places to do this, whether it’s in the hotel basement, the grounds of the country courthouse or on the Kansas campus. This past Friday we were going through our movements, and the stretch of grass we were using was immediately next to a college house full of KU students. As we were finishing up, they opened up their windows, blasted the KU fight song, leaned out the window and snickered. We all laughed, but we had something else in mind. It is tradition to practice the BTHO yell at the end of shakeout, so we inched slightly closer to the house and we all yelled, “Beat the Hell Outta ku!” They opened up the window and we all just laughed. Needless to say, we sure proved our word that evening as we literally BTHO Kansas! Whoop!


So this week I am going to highlight a couple more of my fellow seniors, Nicole and Shipley. These two girls are some of the most genuine and caring people I know. Always there to lend an ear, they can provide some of the most sound advice of anyone I know.

Nicole loves to bake. For every single person’s birthday, she either makes them her famous pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, or the amazing confetti cupcakes with a whole can of frosting to dip them in. She is also an avid salad lover. We always joke with her that every meal we have she always orders a chicken ceasar salad with dressing on the side. She is always right by my side though when it comes to the puppy chow before the game. She always picks out the double ones from the bunch, so if anyone finds them they give them to her.

Rachel is by far the nicest person I know. We always get a little shocked when she tackles someone on the field because it is not in her nature to be mean. It is also really funny because she is one of the smartest, most studious girls on the team, but sometimes I feel like she could have supplied some of the quotes for last year’s Freshman Words of Wisdom. She always has her camera with her, snapping shots before the game, on every away trip and in the locker room. I always call her my BFF (Best Fat Friend) because since our freshman year, we have always eaten sweets like no other.

I absolutely love these girls and am so happy I have them in my life.

It’s time to BTHO these other Texas team this week! We are finally home for two games so I hope to see everyone there!!!



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