Up in the Air

October 1st, 2010

We have been doing a ton of traveling lately, in fact we have been on the move for four straight weekends. It is in these instances that each personality on our team really comes out, and we really get to learn about each other. We have those that are constantly studying, the ones who like to cause ruckus, and then those that use the weekend as a short vacation and veg in the comfy beds and enjoy the wide variety of movies on HBO. This past weekend while in Nebraska, it was in such an instance that those who like to run around and cause chaos have now been termed “The Play Pen” by Amber. This wryly crew includes Gigi, Chels, Sis, Sarah, Rachel Lenz and Canada. The “fishmores” tend to run around in a pack, constantly visiting each and every room, searching for Amber (their babysitter), as well as have small wrestling matches. Since this weekend I am rooming with one of the ringleaders, we shall see how much studying I get done. I have already threatened to keep Gigi out of the loop on the room number until absolutely necessary, as well steal her phone so she can’t text them our secret location!


So Phil has a habit of always telling each player what her future will hold, so at the airport he decided to explain to some of us what kind of mothers we are going to be. He told Kristin that she is going to be the active, crazy mother who has her children doing long-distance bike races and cross country skiing escapades. For me, I was told my children would all be very logical, finding the flaws in other’s arguments or the orders given to them. He told Merritt that her children would be little Gap babies, but I know they will be more like the child models for Nieman Marcus and Nordstrom’s. As far as Raven is concerned, Phil claimed that she will be very strict and stern as a parent, and that she will become the complete opposite of what she is now when it comes to warming up and stretching. :)

It’s time today to BTHO the Jayhawks!!!  WHOOP!



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