BTHO Big 12

September 22nd, 2010

Whoop! Finally we get to start Big 12 play!!!! This weekend is going to be crazy and exciting with our first Big 12 game at home Friday night against Colorado. Then we go on the road against Nebraska on Sunday. It’s bittersweet that it is already this time of the season, considering this will be my last chance to earn another Big 12 trophy. I think we are physically and mentally prepared for this weekend and this is exactly what we work so hard for in the spring, summer and so far this fall!!

Aggie 411:

Since it is “Colorado” week I have decided to talk a bit about the Coloradans on the team. Yes, the ones who aren’t big fans of the Texas weather and have trouble adjusting to the altitude, the ones who daringly left their beloved state to move to the best one in this nation, and yes the ones who have learned that “ya’ll” is the greatest word ever invented!

Beth West is characteristically my equal on the team. Last preseason we had a session based on discovering your personality and leadership style and were given an animal to portray such results. We were both eagles, and we both felt that others were incompetent if they didn’t agree with our views. Together we might just take over the world! She is an absolute stud at making sushi and also painting your nails (no that wasn’t an Asian comment either). :)

Bri Young is definitely one that despises Texas weather. She was born to wear snow boots, scarves, and North Face® hoodies. I absolutely love her dry sarcasm and we both enjoy the times we can make fun of the “freshmen” without them having any idea we are doing so. We like to kid her about being the first to get married and have kids as soon as she graduates, but knowing her low level of tolerance for annoying people, I don’t know how she will handle a screaming toddler.

Kristin Arnold, another one of the grandmas on the team, is the most unique person I know. She recently became my roommate this year and there is never a dull moment with her. From inviting me to come clean pig pens at her job at the USDA, to getting Ben and Jerry’s at 11 o’clock at night, I can always count on her for some entertainment. She is also more competitive than I am at every single thing she does, especially on Wii games. She will be playing the computer in a boxing match and continuously scream at the imaginary player.

Hope to see everyone out there Friday night as we BTHO Colorado, back at home finally!!!!!!

Thanks and Gig’em,


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