It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

September 7th, 2010

It’s the most wonderful time of the year … school has started! The blessing and curse of this is that nearly 50,000 students are back in town. So rather than taking 10 minutes to get to campus, it now takes 30. And it’s nearly impossible to drive through campus because there are tons of pedestrians and bike riders – everyone like a big ant pile that has flooded. Coming from a tiny town (Dime Box, Texas) with maybe two-and-a-half stop lights, traffic is a nightmare for me. I have to admit I am a bit of an aggressive driver, so having to wait patiently is definitely something I unwillingly must do. Thankfully, Bali and I brilliantly discovered motorized scooters to ride to class to ease the stress level. I do, however, love seeing all of my friends back in town and hearing about their summers.

What is so interesting this year was hearing about everyone’s first week. Usually it’s common for the younger girls to have some stories about issues with classes or professors or getting lost, but this year it was definitely the “grandmas” on the team who had the problems. Nicole went to the completely wrong class and sat there for a while confused. You would think that her senior yoga class wouldn’t be that hard to find. J Shawn-tae was lost on campus for 20 minutes looking for her building and Lisel thought her class started at a different time so she was a little late. I guess maybe the freshmen should take us old folks around and teach us how it’s done.

The blessing about school starting though is all of the students that are here to cheer us on. Friday night we played Davidson and the 12th Man was amazing. My favorite part of the game is the heckling of the goalkeeper, and it never fails to amaze me the creativity our fans have in annoying the heck out of the other team. Merritt finally had the breakout game we have been waiting for. Hats off to you!! Nicole made up for her class mistake with an incredible shot outside the 18, and Bri scored a beautiful header perfectly placed in the side netting off a corner. Five goals against an NCAA tournament team were amazing and it gave our fresh legs ample opportunities to work on celebrations!

The 411:

So this week I am going to dig into some of the “brighter” girls on the team and maybe do a bit of the “freshman words of wisdom” from last year because some of these comments were too good to pass up.

Let me start out by stating that Rachel Lenz and Nora Skelton are very intelligent girls. Nora keeps us rolling on the field and in the locker room. Her most recent ingenious discovery happened when we were in the locker room before the Virginia Tech game. She was talking to Kelly and mentioned to her that she had these bumps on the back of her tongue, and she didn’t know what they were so she asked Kelly if she had them too. Of course, Kelly and her awesome sarcasm just gave her a blank stare and then looked at me and asked if I had these as well. I, not knowing why she asked simply mentioned that yes, I thought everyone had them. Aren’t they your taste buds? J

And Rachel’s comment came on Sunday before our evening practice when we were asking each other about how the recruits were and if they had a good time. Beth’s recruit plays for a club called Rush and Phil had kept calling her a Russian during the weekend. Well Lenz just simply asks “Oh how was the Russian? Did she speak Russian because I never heard her talk?” I love this team!

We are on the road this week to Indiana and then Purdue. BTHO

Gig ‘em,


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