Just Dance

September 1st, 2010

So I have always considered myself to be pretty musically inclined. I took piano lessons for about three years when I was younger. I participated in many school programs that involved group singing, and even a solo in fifth grade at the Christmas play. I have been trying for several years to learn the guitar. I also thought that I had some pretty good dance moves, when necessary. Growing up on a ranch, it was crucial I knew how to two-step, line dance, and of course, waltz. My parents expected nothing less (my father is quite light on his feet, but no one would ever know). I, however, can get a little intimidated when it comes to some of the hip hop styles that usually evolve in the locker room during our pregame dance parties. Oh yes, we have a disco ball, we are no amateurs. So, when Shawn-tae and Raven introduced me to this new game called Just Dance on the Wii, I was pretty stoked. The game shows you the moves for various songs, and you get points by having the right moves at the right beat. So not being as creative as I would like on the dance floor, I have soon become a master at this game just learning by doing. Needless to say, I feel I no longer need to be shy. Thursday night, after our pre-game team dinner, many of the girls came to our house to play the game so I was ready to show off my moves. Now not to toot my own horn or anything, but I have only been playing this game for a few days. We were playing four players, Shawn-tae, Raven, Whitney, and me, and we decided to do “Can’t Touch This” by MC Hammer to start. Let’s just say, I represented for the white girls on the team by winning at this dance. What can I say… maybe they really CAN’T TOUCH THIS! :)

Now some of the other girls on our team, not to mention any names but ugh … cough, cough, Christina cough, cough … still need some practice. The night was a blast as we all tried to dance to “Ring My Bell”, “Wannabe” and even “Cotton-Eyed Joe”. Alyssa and Lisel even pulled out the Dance, Dance Revolution for those who are willing to dare and try the insane foot movements needed for that game.

So, we danced our way into the weekend and pulled off two huge wins. These were major for our team, especially in a weekend where eight teams ranked in the top 25 were upset by unranked teams. Alyssa was absolutely unstoppable this weekend with her four stellar goals, all thanks to pickle juice! We’re really starting to click, and who knows, maybe it’s because we’re feeling the rhythm and rhyme with one another. This Friday we have another huge game against a good NCAA tournament team, so we will need even more fans than Friday night – which was incredible by the way. The freshman turnout was insane, so let’s keep it going! 

The 411

So I decided to speak upon the sibling rivalry of our team this week. Although, there isn’t much of a rivalry between the Gnatzig sisters.

Lyndsey or “Sis” as everyone calls her is one of the sweetest people you will ever meet. But on the field, she is a terror. She’s not afraid to go in hard for tackles or win headers and get eight stitches in her head. Amber, on the other hand, might be a little more tart. Not that she is mean or anything, but she can bring out some great sarcasm when least expected. We always kid these two about their hair. Sis seems to not own a hair brush (she claims your hair is more healthy if you don’t brush it) and Amber never washes hers (she claims she just has naturally greasy hair) :) Amber loves her dog Mia; she threw Mia a birthday party during preseason and everyone brought over dogs for a big play date, and Mia even sent Katie a get-better soon card when she was in the hospital … WOOF, WOOF. Mia is pretty sweet, except that every time she sees me, only me, she gets a little too excited. Sis is also really willing to learn. Last year, every week I would try and improve her vocabulary by teaching her new words that she would have to use during the week in different sentences. I honestly don’t know how many of them still stuck. J These two are so similar, same laugh, same voice, even same hair cut, but they both add their own special touch to the fabric of this team!

See ya’ll on Friday night when we BTHO Davidson!

Thanks and Gig’em!


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