A Rude Awakening

August 25th, 2010

So I am going to leave the rundown short and sweet for the weekend. Obviously no one is more upset about the game Friday than us girls, but I believe it might have been the fuel we needed to fire us up for this season and the tremendous opportunity we have to make it very far. It definitely left a bitter taste in my mouth leaving the field Friday night, knowing that game was not an accurate display of all of the hard work and dedication each girl on the team has put forth this past spring, summer, and this preseason. Sunday was a complete turn around and a good show of the fight we will need for every single game we have the remainder of the year. Like the coaches told us, “Thankfully that game was the beginning of the season and not the end.” We have much to improve on, but I know that each one of us will have that gut feeling instilled in is for the rest of the season and I am just proud of the way we all used it on Sunday and will continue to use it in the upcoming games.

This weekend is going to be a good test for the Fightin’ Texas Aggies as we host two good sides, both NCAA tournament teams, Virginia Tech and Washington State. Friday night will be awesome as it is the annual “Freshman Reunion” as Amber likes to call it, or Fish Camp game, and Sunday we get to once again prove that even girls can withstand 108 degree weather without melting. So, in the words of Wally, our new coach…. “Aggie Soccer Wassssssuuuupp?” We are ready to show what we’ve got coming!!!

Aggie Soccer 411:

So this week I am going to spotlight “The Equalizer” and “The Assassin”.

As most of you know, Raven Tatum was given the nickname of the Equalizer her freshman year when a couple friends from her dorm were so impressed with her presence in the midfield that they started a Facebook group, dubbing her the equalizer on the field. Of course, we were all a little jealous of the attention, but it soon became a running joke through the team and the nickname stuck. Raven absolutely loves pickles and Starbursts, so boys you know the way to her heart. She may seem tough on the field, but don’t fool yourselves, she is quite soft-hearted. She is also a stud at the Wii game, Just Dance, and her favorite moves come from the Spice Girls hit, ‘Wannabe.” No wonder her moves on the field are so good!

Now the “Assassin” would be the nickname given to Katie Hamilton in response to wanting to be like Raven. It, however, fits her perfectly because she will sneakily make you look like a fool on the field with her fancy footwork, and always seems to wind up in the right spot around the six-yard box, which we refer to as “Katie’s range.” Right into preseason she unfortunately had to join the knee club, but she will still be a huge part of our team this year and an asset with her leadership and assassin-like skills of spotting the weaknesses of the opposing defenders. She also gave us all some good tips on her keys to success, one major factor including grape soda before every game. She needs to make a rapid recovery because we are all missing her dance moves in the locker room (she is the one girl on the team that can dance almost as good as Hooper).

So thanks for stopping by and I hope to see you all this weekend as we BTHO Virginia Tech and Washington State!!!



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