My first blog!!

September 21st, 2011

Well hiiiii everyone,
Can you believe it’s that time of the year again??…No. No. Not the fall soccer season…Weekly Blog-A-Postpaloozaaa!! Ahh, I know I can’t..It literally snuck up on me, that combined with the fact that I had no clue I was writing the blog this year really made for quite the emotional reaction. I didn’t even know I was qualified. Last year we had Kat Armstrong a 4.0 genius writing the blog…my GPA is half of Kat’s on a good day. But I guess mistakes were made and I somehow fell backwards into telling you all my thoughts and feelings about the 2011-2012 Aggie soccer season. I am truly trilled about such a prestigious opportunity, so without further ado, as CEO of Blog Fest (probably the only time in my life I can claim being a CEO..soo excuse me for taking advantage) I hereby declare this season of Blogmania one that will be legendary and unforgettable just like all the others. Are You Ready? (Curt, see what I did there)

The Run-Down.

Sooooo as we all know the fall soccer season is well underway, unfortunately that probably means you all are also aware of the results of our last three games. A 1-3 record – definitely not the ideal start for such a talented team with the weight of a highly-anticipated season on its shoulders; it’s certainly not the start to the season that many of us envisioned. With that being said, if I have learned anything from playing this game it is this: losses bring two things to a team – a lesson and a challenge – and how a team chooses to respond to their newly-acquired adversity is what separates the great teams from the good ones. This team has the potential to be one of those great teams, and hopefully tonight that will be seen by all of you Aggie soccer fans.

The Fish Camp Game
As a student-athlete Fridays are the days I look forward to the most for one reason and one reason only, its Gameday. I wake up at the same time, have the same breakfast, (toasted peanut butter sandwich with a cup of coffee) and wait patiently for pre-game rituals to start. Tonight’s game puts a little more pep in my step, which I think is true for everyone on the team, because it is the Aggie Fish Camp Game. Last year as a first year transfer, I really did not understand all the hype of such an atmosphere, much less the concept of why the “Fish Camp Game” was sooooo different from any other game I have ever played……………and then I was playing under the lights of the most well-manicured field in the country, with thousands of students cheering for our victory……..needless to say its 90 minutes of my life I will never forget. Tonight will be my last Fish Camp game along with the rest of my senior class loves, which will make tonight unique all on its own, not just for us….but for the eleven freshmen who frankly have no clue how FREAKING SWEET tonight will be for them. It is all very exciting but at the end of the day this team is in desperate need of a turning point, and a more perfect setting could not be written in a best-selling novel. So tonight, we fight in our Texas A&M maroon, in front of thousands of fans, on our home field and BTHO Dartmouth!

What you don’t know about this sweet and beautiful Aggie…..

I am going to follow the lead of past bloggers and have a fabulous little section that allows you, as readers, the opportunity to get the inside scoop on the team and players, basically I’m providing you with: what’s hot and what’s not, who’s fab and who’s drab……you know like the 411 on everything and everyone that is Aggie Soccer. The plan is to feature a different player each week for this portion of the blog and hopefully by the end of the season you, as well as I, will learn the fun little things about each of these 24 extraordinary ladies, that I have the pleasure of calling my teammates.

While all my teammates are the bee’s knees and I love every single one of them equally (minus Shea…kidding loveee youu) there is one that I have the pleasure of calling my bestie and I am so very excited to share some of her deepest darkest secrets with all of you. (She has absolutely no idea i am doing this..none of this has been’s straight from the heart). Her name is Rachael Balaguer a.k.a Bali, Meatball, Pumpkin, Excessive Booty Slapper, and the list goes on. The more nick names you have the cooler you are…righttt??? Hahaaa. Many know her as our stud of an outside for A&M, luckily for her that’s not her only claim to fame. HAHA. Her ability to slurp Chai Tea latte’s from Starbucks like a champ and NEVER EVER just take a bite of a dessert item (its all or nothing) is honestly way more mind-boggling than her skills on the field because to look at her you would think it was a strict diet she ate to obtain her hot bod. Anyway, Bali’s indulgence has made me wonder two things over the year-and-some that I’ve known her. One: how has Starbucks NOT given her a preferred customer card, with discounts and all? And two: when she is in my wedding, I am seriously going to have to get Bali her own cake. (Sorry, hubby it’s the Bali cake, not the bachelor cake.) But honestly, Bali’s sweet tooth has taken over every part of her being because she is truly a genuine, sweet and lovely young lady. It is because of her I made it through my first year here in one piece, she has my back no matter what and without her I have no clue what I would do. So, thank you Bali, I don’t think I say it enough, how fortunate I am to have a friend like you! On that note Bali also loves: horses, all dogs, long walks on the beach, and dinners paid for. Here is her number if you are interested in the little blonde bombshell: (512)233-4288478560

**WARNING: This blog also serves as a dating service. Thanks and gig ‘em
First blog post complete. A bunch more to go. Thanks for reading.



Thanks and Gig ‘em!

December 3rd, 2010

I never have trouble writing twelve page papers over theories leading to the revolution in Russia, or a fifteen page paper over the Iranian hostage crisis — so why has it taken me so long to figure out how to put my own feelings directly into words about the end of my senior season? Not to say that the former aren’t important issues to me, but they have in no possible way had any thread of an effect on my life as the Texas A&M soccer program has. For some teams, the girls are friends because they are on the team together, but soon after they have finished their careers, they fall into life and lose touch. However, our team is more than that, and has been more than that to me for four years. When coaches recruit players and select them to play on a team, team chemistry is definitely a part of that recipe. However, I do not believe our coaches would have ever imagined that their selections for each girl on this team would have bonded as quickly and strongly as this team and this program have year-in and year-out. This program and team are a part of my soul, an experience that I would not trade for anything in this world. I am so blessed to have been given this opportunity that so few individuals ever experience, and if I could do it again, I would run every one of those fitness tests with a smile on my face.

I love each and every one of these girls, this program, this university, and all of the fans around the world. I have learned so much through triumph and tribulation over the past four years that I will carry with me as I venture out upon the future endeavors the Lord has planned for my life.

I guess all I can say is Thanks and Gig ‘em! It has been my pleasure to be on this team and to represent this school and community.


Hello Blizzard!

November 12th, 2010

Hello Blizzard!

So we’re off to Minnesota this weekend for the 1st and 2nd rounds of the NCAA tournament. At first I was a little apprehensive about this considering this state is on the border of Canada! Trust me when I say everyone packed every pair of sweats, fur boots, parkas, and long johns they owned. It is definitely Texas coming to the cold. The problem is we all think we need to look a lot tougher when we show up to the field because the North Dakota State Bison already think that we can’t handle this weather! I say bring on the blizzard and eight inches of snow! We get snow in College Station every now and then- we know how to throw snowballs!


So this week I am going to spotlight two of the girls who may study more than any two people I know, Carly and Megan.

Megan is possibly one of the funniest people on our team. She has this unique humor, always ready with the one-liners when someone on the team makes a not-so-bright comment. She is also pretty close to a genius and is trying to get into the PPA program in the business school, which is the five-year accounting program, and is extremely difficult. The tough thing about Megs is she never does anything for us to make fun of her for, which on our team is very unusual. However, when she scored in the Cal game earlier this season, her grandpa made it known to us all that her nickname when she was younger was Poo…. haha, so yes we like to remind her of that every now and again :)

Carly is also one-of-a-kind. I love this girl. She has the most amazing left foot, and as Phil says, could probably open a can of peas with it! A really funny incident happened a few weeks ago when Carly’s mom was visiting on one of the away trips. Hooper, of course, is one that always comments on people’s clothes, or hair, or anything visual on a person. She told Carly that her mom had the cutest clothes, and Carly should follow in her mom’s footsteps. Haha of course Carly was not exactly excited about this, considering a 20-year-old doesn’t really want to wear Mom clothes this early. (Not that Mrs. Wohlers’ clothes aren’t actually really cute!)

Let’s Get it this weekend!!!! Rain, snow, sleet or hail!!! BTHO North Dakota State and hopefully round 2!!!

Gig em,


Big 12 Tournament

November 4th, 2010

Big 12 Tournament

We are back in San Antonio this week for the Big 12 tournament. This tournament is especially important because we have the opportunity to sweep both Big 12 championships this year! After last night’s game we are well on our way to make this dream a reality!!!

Each year there is the constant struggle over what movies to watch on the three-hour bus trip from College Station to San Antonio. Now of course a bus full of 26 girls + Phil would obviously seem like it would be easy to agree on a movie right? Ha…WRONG! We usually have to pick three and then have a vote. Of course someone always complains on the choice; you just can’t please everyone. The movie that gets me though is “Elf”. Not that I don’t love this movie, but I swear Halloween just ended and at least five girls are ready to pull out the Christmas movies.

And of course we could not go a week without playing Just Dance. Alyssa had packed up the Wii and remotes before she had even packed her suitcase. Tuesday night she had set the game up in the lobby of our hotel, and we are still trying to get a dance-off going between G and Phil. My bets are on Phil :) .

So this week I just have to bring out the Wise Words of Chelsea Jones because her profound statements were just too good to be true. Yesterday Canada (Cat Clavijo) and I were talking about how cold it gets in Canada before they have to go inside to practice during the winter. I was telling her how when I was younger I thought that they practiced in the snow and had to use bright colored balls so they could see it. Chelsea overheard and stated, “Oh, so that’s why they have the bright colored balls?” Canada looks at her and was like “Yea, haha, that’s why,” shaking her head. Chelsea says, “Oh that’s really cool!” Her other comment came in practice Sunday. We were playing small-sided games and G asked if we wanted to put “stakes” on the games. Chelsea looked at him and said, “Steaks?” Hahaha! G said, “Yes, Chelsea. If you lose you have to cook everyone steaks!” Wish that would have been the case!!

Can’t wait to BTHO OU tomorrow during the semis of the Big 12 Tournament!!!!

Thanks and Gig ‘em!!


Big 12 Champs!!!

October 28th, 2010

I forgot what it feels like to raise the Big 12 trophy on our home field…but I will never forget that feeling after this weekend! We have worked so hard all season for that moment, and that is a memory that will never be forgotten. I am especially excited for Alyssa because she was not a part of our class when we won in 2007.

Senior Night on Friday was also a very bittersweet moment for me. I always knew it was going to come, but when it finally arrived I wasn’t quite ready for it. Considering this team is the closest one I have ever been a part of, I am going to miss these girls so much. I guess it hadn’t really hit me until I was standing there with my parents, looking at the underclassmen in front of me, and I realized that I was almost done playing with this team. It’s exciting to know that the future holds new and exciting things, but it is also like a big part of life is just completely ending. I love this school, this program, and the people who have made this experience an amazing ride that I will never forget.


So my spotlight players this week are two of my favorite sophomores. They not only keep this team on their toes, but also bring major personality to the chemistry of this team.

Mary Grace is probably one of the players I have gotten to know the most this season considering we moved lockers right next to each other. I love her style, and will probably see her on New York Fashion Week in about five years. She also loves her Ugg boots. I swear she has a different color for every outfit, and she wears them all the time! She has the driest sense of humor, and I love it. I always love away trips with her because we get to play on her iPad!

It is really fun because when you see Mary, you always get her other half, Christina, or Geeg as we like to call her. I’m not actually sure how she came to have the nickname GiGi but like usual, it just stuck. Geeg loves movies. I swear she sees every single one that comes in theaters and she always has the critical breakdown of them. So if you ever need an opinion on a movie, ask her and she will tell you whether it’s worth it or not. She also claims that she is the supreme chef of our team. Although, considering she doesn’t even know how to pronounce Minestrone soup correctly, I have my doubts.

This Friday we travel to that weird city Austin to win another trophy in the Lone Star Showdown. Can’t wait to BTHO t.u. and win the Big 12 trophy outright. We aren’t going to share this one!

Gig ‘em,