Saturday Pregame: Texas Tech

March 20th, 2010

Nice win yesterday for the Aggies in the Big 12 opener. League wins are so precious, you have to get them whenever you can, and for A&M to defend its home turf in game one of the series was big.

You’ve heard Coach Childress talk about it all season, mistakes are magnified when you get to conference play. Teams will make you pay for them, and that was the key for Texas A&M last night, pushing home four unearned runs en route to the 6-3 win.

“Cold” would be putting it lightly describing tonight’s weather…right now (about 5 p.m.) it’s 43 degrees with a very strong north wind blowing straight in from center. Wind chill is at around 35 and it’ll fall tonight.

Here’s your starting lineups for game two, first for the Aggies (14-3, 1-0)…

2B Andrew Collazo
CF Scott Arthur
SS Brodie Greene
DH Joe Patterson
3B Caleb Shofner
1B Kenny Jackson
C Kevin Gonzalez
LF Joaquin Hinojosa
RF Tyler Naquin
RHP Ross Stripling

and for Texas Tech (8-11, 0-1)…

2B Jamodrick McGruder
SS Joey Kenworthy
LF Michael Reed
RF Barrett Barnes
DH Scott LeJeune
1B Jeremy Mayo
CF Taylor Ashby
C Kevin Whitehead
3B Justin Berry
RHP Bobby Doran

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