Wednesday Pregame: Penn State

March 10th, 2010

Quick update here on what’s turned out to be a very nice night at Olsen Field…temps in the mid 70s, clear skies and a light wind.

A&M’s starting lineup, as the Aggies look for win No. 8 in a row…

2B Andrew Collazo
RF Scott Arthur
CF Brodie Greene
DH Joe Patterson
1B Caleb Shofner
SS Kenny Jackson
3B Matt Juengel
C Kevin Gonzalez
LF Joaquin Hinojosa
RHP Clayton Ehlert

And for Penn State…

LF Sean Deegan
RF Heath Johnson
3B Jordan Steranka
C Ben Heath
1B Joey DeBernardis
DH Mario Eramo
SS Luis Montesinos
2B Louie Picconi
CF Steve Snyder
RHP Mike Wanamaker

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