Saturday Pregame: Winthrop

March 6th, 2010

Sorry I’m late with this, was watching the men’s hoops team take it to Oklahoma in Norman. Congrats to Coach Turgeon and the team on a big win.

And congrats to Barret Loux on his awesome performance last night in a 7-0 shutout. Hopefully Barret will get some regional and national recognition for his effort. We’ll find out on Monday.

A&M’s starting lineup today from Olsen:

2B Andrew Collazo
RF Scott Arthur
CF Brodie Greene
DH Joe Patterson
1B Caleb Shofner
3B Kenny Jackson
LF Joaquin Hinojosa
C Gregg Alcazar
SS Adam Smith
RHP Ross Stripling

And for Winthrop…

RF Sean Sullivan
2B Tyler Cook
DH Eddie Rohan
1B Matt Thielepape
LF Chas Crane
3B Matt Pierpont
CF Tyler McBride
SS Adam Gliebe
C Tyler Donovan
RHP Robert Lake

Low 70s, a bit cloudy and breezy at Olsen Field. A great day for baseball!

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